What evidence is there that that
Bible is different than all other
sacred writings?
There is a lot of discussion about
when and how the Universe came
into being. The question of why
there is a Universe and Life in it is
seldom brought up.
A rather humorous re-telling of how a
frog evolves into a handsome prince
without the need to be kissed by
Psychology is the human attempt to
answer this question. How does
God, the Creator answer this
question in His Word, the Bible?
Is the Covid-19 pandemic the
beginning of the “new normal”,
that will suddenly end when Jesus
comes and inaugurates his righ-
teous world government?
All people live by faith whether they
realize it or not. There is not one day
when anyone gets out of bed in the
morning, that he/she doesn’t exercise
faith throughout that day.
The Church of Jesus Christ was born
on the Jewish feast of Pentecost. From
120 members it went to over 3000 in
one day. Why was there such
explosive growth?
Anyone who follows the news these
days, can see that the world is
headed for a train-wreck in the near
future. Is there a way for you to get
safely off the train before it crashes?
To measure time we use clocks.
Scientists today use a clock that
measures time by the motion of atoms.
Has that clock always ticked at the
same rate we observe today?
The first three chapters of the last book of
the Bible contain instructions and
admonitions for His church.
In this world all of us generally depend on
our physical senses, to inform us about the
properties of the world around us. Do our
senses give us a picture of what really
exists? Explore the strange world of
quantum physics and how it relates with
what God has revealed in the Bible. Reality
is not what you think it is!
Millions of Dollars are spent trying to
contact beings outside of our solar system.
The question "Are we we alone in this
vast Universe?" is answered in this search
through scripture.
Through the use of computers, it is
claimed by some, that there are hidden
messages in the Hebrew Text of the Bible.
You will not need a computer, only a good
dictionary of Bible Names to see the
hidden message.
Will those who love and obey Jesus
Christ be spared the terrible times as
chronicled in the last Book of the Bible?
Are the discoveries of science consistent
with a Creator? What are some of the
evidences of intelligent design?
Bible Study Notes
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At some point in history, the last
generation to live on earth before
Jesus returns will exist. What
indications are there that now alive
may live to see this event?
 There are many figures of speech and
expressions in our language, that have their roots
in the book of Daniel. Much of this book is
history, but some of it is in our imminent future.
Daniel and the Apostle John were called
ÒbelovedÓ by God. Both wrote history yet
future to us. Daniel is given a view of the final
years of history as we have known it, from an
earthly perspective and John from a heavenly
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If God created everything, does that mean
He also created evil? If not, where did evil
come from? If yes, then is God himself evil?
We read in Colossians that Jesus holds all
things together. Scientists now have an
idea what the mechanism is that Jesus uses
to keep all atoms in the universe from
disappearing in a cataclysmic flash of
unimaginable energy.
What are the only two methods of learning
anything that are open to us? Is there
anything you know that did not come to
you by either one of these two ways?
Forgiveness is all about choices. Forgiveness is
not complicated though it can be very difficult and
at times, very costly. Since there is no way to
remove the injury, once incurred, the choice of
forgiveness means that we allow the other person
to go free while we bear the injury.
From February 14 through March 8
2018, Pastor Dan Robinson of Takilma
Bible Church went on a missionary trip
to India. Things were radically different
than anticipated from the very beginning.
But it was all within the will of our
wonderful God. Click on the link above
to read about the adventure that God
sent him and his wife on.
This is a synopsis of Dan Robinson’s,
Pastor of Takilma Bible Church in Cave
Junction, OR, recent missionary trip to
India. For a more detailed report, click
on the link immediately below.
Items in color are authored by Pastor Daniel Robinson